My name is Ava.  I'm a California native based near Sydney, Australia.  The Modern Atlas is a way for me to keep track of the things that I love, which mainly include style and off-the-grid travel.  Here are a few things you might not know about me...

I love airports.  A large part of my childhood was spent in other countries.  My favorite airport is SFO, because I grew up in a little town just north of San Francisco.  

I want to live in a treehouse.  I have given this serious consideration.

People ask me for directions every time I leave the house.  I'm not sure why, because 90% of the time I have no idea where I am.

I. Love. Theme. Parks.  In high school, my best friends and I would take the train to Great America.  It took two hours from San Francisco, and it always felt like an adventure.  When I lived in Los Angeles, I invested in a Disney Season Pass.  Money well spent.