you are unique, you are alone

I found an amazing vest the other day.  it's from the original banana republic, a store founded in mill valley (my hometown, ahem). according to rumor, the original store was filled with jungle plants, jeeps and fog machines.  how cool!

sadly, everything changed when gap bought the store. banana republic no longer sells travel-themed clothing.

banana republic [n]: small country dependent on production of things like bananas.

shirt: american apparel

shorts: bebe

necklace: vintage

headband: banana republic

I found the vest at a thrift store.  there were still some things in the pockets: 

- the instruction guide for a very old camera

- a length of rope

- a pack of old matches

maybe the vest used to belong to an explorer?  I have found some ways to use it myself:

1. food storage

2. observation of wildlife

I want to go on an adventure in the unconquered jungles of south america or even the heart of africa.  who wants to come?