roaring camp

if I could live in any time period, it would be ye olde west.  I'm obsessed with little california ghost towns and adventure and arid climates where danger lurks around every corner.  

rattlesnakes? outlaws? dishonest lawmen?  bring it on!

dress: alythea

top: thrift find

shoes: converse

ashleigh and I went up to roaring camp railroads, which is in the mountains north of santa cruz.  it's AMAZING.  we drove through redwoods, tiny little towns, covered bridges.  we even passed a bigfoot museum.  

my favorite movie is butch cassidy and the sundance kid.

it has every element of a great film: strong, intelligent heroine, adventure, great scenery, great music, and paul newman.  my heart skips a beat whenever sundance (played by robert redford) pulls out his gun.

ashleigh wore some great vintage boots in honor of the occasion.  can't you just imagine her stepping out of a stagecoach to greet her lover after weeks of travel?

I love cats, but sometimes I feel like I'm interrupting.