My Neighborhood

15e Arrondissement + Parc André Citröen

                                                                                       My apartment building, la dee dah

                                                                                      My apartment building, la dee dah

My neighborhood is so beautiful!  The streets are lined with iconic Parisian apartment buildings, and in the mornings, children walk to school with their parents.  Paris smells like fall right now: the crisp smell of match sulphur against the morning chill, woodsmoke, distinct perfume and cologne in the early hours, before the heat of the day begins to blend everything together.  The ground is littered with chestnuts and golden leaves.  I'm happy.

If you're feeling ambitious and nice walk along the river, you can reach the Eiffel Tower by foot. 

The pictures below are from the Parc André Citröen, which can be accessed by walking along an old set of railroad tracks called la Petite Ceinture.  Similar to la Promenade Plantée, this set of railroad tracks have been converted into a public access route which stretches above multiple neighborhoods.  I'm going to write about it in a few days - stay tuned!