Bread Pudding from Comme Ça


Bread pudding has never appealed to me.  It's partly because a) the name sucks b) I've never had a memorable bread pudding in my LIFE and c) most of the bread pudding I've seen looks like a stagnant, festering slice of human flesh.  In a swamp.  Underground.

So why make it?  I got a book featuring desserts from swanky Los Angeles restaurants, and the recipe for bread pudding looked pretty simple.  I made the brioche myself, which wasn't necessary, but I love baking bread and wanted to try something new.

The final result?  I can admit when I'm wrong, and I was definitely wrong.  Bread pudding is easy, delicious, and works quite well as breakfast the next morning.  The recipe can be found here.  If I had my own bakery, I would consider giving bread pudding a better name, maybe "pain au crème."  That's what it is, after all, buttery bread soaked in cream and chocolate.