stunt double


Vintage skirt; vintage tennis sweater; vintage earrings; Mossimo shoes; Target shirt

L.A. fulfills the cliches.  Almost everyone in this town works for the film industry, or has worked as an extra or a costume designer or someone who made a prop for the background.  If they didn't, they wanted to or planned to, or they're distant cousins with a four time Academy Award nominee.

Yesterday I met an advertising executive for Gold's Gym, who started his career as a stunt double.  He said that when he hit twenty-five, he realized his life wasn't taking the path he wanted it to, and so he decided to become a stunt man.  Rather than fill out an application and wait to hear back, he decided to set himself on fire and jump through a sugar glass window.  

It was a dangerous stunt, but it landed him a well-paid position with Hollywood's top stunt man.  I'm not sure why I decided to put that story with this post, but I thought it was a cool (and extreme) example of doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.  Also, I love stories about people making movies and all the stuff you don't see on screen.