Northern Lights: Day 2


There was an awful storm on the night we drove to the hostel at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is perched on a cliff, with hundreds of rocks littering the coast.  In the 1800s, a great light flashed to warn sailors away from the shore.

We reached the safety of the lighthouse shortly before midnight.  When we stepped into the lobby, a man in a thick sweater looked up from a stack of books.

"Are you Jill?"

"Yes, sorry we're late, the roads were awful..."

"Good, good, we were worried you wouldn't make it!"

He gave us blankets and keys, and as we headed to our room, I couldn't help feeling like we had just barely made it out of the ocean, safe from the storm.

1) Lookout point behind the hostel 2) Whale skull 3) Lighthouse 4) Refracting light from the old signal  5) Whale bone 6) The building that houses the old fog signal 7) Baby goat at Pie Ranch 8) Me and a pig 9) Leslie encounters a cow 10) Leslie on the Porter College Squiggle