Vintage vest; J.Crew shirt; J. Brand jeans; Ralph Lauren boots

The last few days have been great.  On Thursday I met up with an old friend for coffee, and we ended up getting dinner at Circa in Manhattan Beach.  

The drinks at Circa are fantastic.  If you go, you should try the Violet Hour and the Last Word.  The latter is an old cocktail invented for the Detroit Athletic Club during the Prohibition.  According to legend, the recipe was lost after World War II, and the drink was forgotten.  A few years ago, a Seattle bartender found the original recipe and brought the drink back into vogue.

In other news, I turned off my facebook account... I feel like I spend too much time trying to project the image of a perfect life, and not enough time connecting with people who actually matter to me.  Maybe now I'll get around to tackling the books that have been accumulating around my bedroom.