homemade samoas


That's right, bitches.  No more mass produced, arrogant purple boxes.  I don't like it when desserts play hard to get, and Girl Scout cookies have a reputation for doing exactly that.  You know what?  You can only make me wait for so long before I take matters into my own hands.  

I found the recipe for homemade Samoas here.  I made a few changes, which you should read, in case you try the recipe and run into the same issues I had.

*Toast the coconut while the cookie dough is chilling, this will cut your time in half.

*Shortbread is mostly butter, so don't feel bad if the dough melts while you're rolling it out.  I kept sticking mine in the freezer to chill; make sure to cover it with plastic wrap if you do this.  Also, I don't have a special Samoa cookie cutter, so I just used a wine glass and a spice jar top.  Ghetto?  Yup.

*Brush the cookies with caramel BEFORE creating the coconut/caramel mixture.  This way you don't have to make another mess.  

*I don't know what she was talking about when she said she used a fork to create the perfect chocolate lines on her cookies.  My chocolate refused to cooperate, so I used a spoon and did each line individually.