Vintage shirt; vintage scarf; thrifted jeans; Charles David shoes

We've been having a lot of windy days in Los Angeles lately!  I can't stand the wind...I've never been very good at walking around with my eyes closed all the time.

This scarf might be the oldest piece of clothing in my wardrobe.  It was a birthday present from my mom when I was in ninth grade - we were browsing around an expensive little boutique in downtown Mill Valley, and I told her that I was in love with the scarf.  I was considering spending two months' allowance on it, but when I went to go find it, it had vanished.  

I was completely crushed until a few days later, when I opened my presents, and there it was!   The funny part is that she actually pulled the same trick with a different scarf, just a few years later.  Yes, it was the same store.  I'm super gullible.  Unfortunately, a lot of cute little stores have closed in downtown Mill Valley, and I'm pretty sure the store has been replaced by an athletic shoe store.