the taming of the shrew

Vintage jacket; H&M shirt; necklace from Afghanistan; thrifted jeans; Chinese Laundry shoes

I might be old-fashioned, but I think it's bizarre to go up to a complete stranger and start questioning them.  As soon as people see you with a camera, social grace is swept aside and people feel free to approach you.

I was taking these pictures in my neighborhood when a woman popped out of nowhere and stood watching me, muttering under her breath.  I politely ignored her until she marched over and started interrogating me.

I was polite, and assured her that neither she nor anything she owned would show up in the pictures, but I don't really feel that I owed her (or anyone else) and explanation when I'm taking pictures in my neighborhood.  I've never really run into this kind of problem until recently...does this happen to anyone else?