d.i.y. lego purse

A few days ago I showed you guys a lego purse that I made.  I wrote down the instructions, so go raid your little brother's toy chest and set aside an hour or two.  

You'll need:

- A small black bag with one smooth side (no zippers or buttons)

- 100 Lego blocks of different colors and sizes

- * Lego base plates (size depends on your bag)

- E6000 craft glue

First, measure the back of your bag.  This will help you determine what size Lego base you'll need.   I measured off a small rectangle on the back of my bag, which measured 7.5" x 5", so I used three 8x16 base plates.  Lego bases are measured by how many dots are along the side, but it's usually about 3.2 dots per inch.

I would recommend tracing the lego bases onto a piece of scratch paper and planning out your design from there, so you don't have to waste time prying up lego blocks if you don't like your design.  Once you have your design planned out, carefully transfer the blocks to the lego base, gluing on each lego one at a time.

Once you've finished gluing the design to the base, line it up on the back of your bag (to see how it will look), and then glue it directly onto the bag.  You're done!  Let it dry for an hour or two before taking it out on the town.

*Note: If you only use a very small lego design, you have the option of forgoing lego base plates.  If you use a big design and glue the legos directly onto the bag, it will have an uneven appearance.