H&M skirt; Etam shirt; friend's scarf; vintage belt; f21 shoes

I have the worst kind of vertigo.  When I was young, it was almost nonexistent, and I spent the majority of my weekends climbing trees and scaling walls.  I climbed Half Dome twice (once when I was twelve, then again when I was fourteen).  Tall buildings weren't a problem; my dad had an office full of windows in a skyscraper on California Street in San Francisco. 

Then, the summer after graduating college, I had a really bad accident.  I fell during a climbing incident and hit my head on the ground, which wiped my memory clean for a good thirty minutes.  For the last three years, I've had trouble with tall buildings and high bridges.  I hate having vertigo, and I can't help testing my own boundaries.  When I saw pictures of the steepest street in Los Angeles, I had to test it out for myself.  It's actually one of the steepest streets in America! 

The sunlight wasn't the best on the hill, so I took a few pictures after my adventure.  Check out the San Gabriel mountains in the distance!