Mossimo chambray top; Geiger skirt

I found this skirt at my favorite vintage store a few weeks ago.  I'd never heard of the brand before, but it turns out that Geiger is an Austrian brand, specializing in Alpine clothing.  They're marketed towards farmers and mountain dwellers, which is perfect, because I'm pretty sure I was a German goat farmer in a past life.

In other news, the past few weeks have been perfect.  I did an underwater photo shoot with my friend, and I can't wait to share the photos with you.  I'm trying to see comedy shows on a more regular basis, since they're so cheap in Los friend is doing a show in Hollywood tonight, so I'm going to delay packing for Korea, and go do that instead.

In more IMPORTANT news, I finally got around to adding email subscriptions to my blog!  If you're having trouble stalking me online, add your email to the box below, and feedburner will assist you with your voyeuristic lifestyle.

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