The Bechdel Test

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Have you ever heard of the Bechdel Test?  It's a simple test to determine whether or not a work of fiction can be considered feminist, and guess what?  Half of the biggest movies from 2013 technically failed.  

The test is simple:

1. It has two have two female characters

2. The female characters have to talk to each other

3. Their conversation has to be about something other than a man.

I thought I should mention this because my friend Sean emailed it to me a few days ago, and the next day, my friend Theo mentioned it as well.  To their credit, both were kind of horrified at how many films fail this simple test, and I guess it's led me to thinking about feminism in general.  Two men are horrified on behalf of women in general, and yet so many women still fail to call themselves feminists.  

The definition of feminism is pretty simple: you think that women and men are EQUAL.  Not better than, nor worse; equal.  If you're a woman and you abjectly refuse the label, you're kind of a terrible person, especially if you're a celebrity with millions of young female fans.

Why is it that with so many positive female role models, women still consider themselves to be of less value than the rest of the population?