For Lauren

Pierre Cardin shirt; Coach belt; vintage Saks Fifth Avenue skirt

I was heartbroken at the news of Robin Williams' death.  Sadness at losing a cherished celebrity is a different kind of devastation: it's sadness at losing someone who felt like a close friend, someone who impacted my entire life, whose lyrics have been memorized many times over; someone who seemed within reach, and yet...someone I had never met.  I grew up ten minutes from where he died, and although a childhood in Marin guarantees a semi-charmed life, suicide is a high risk.  Four children I grew up with killed themselves before I turned eighteen, all of whom were surrounded by loving friends and family.

Lauren Bacall's death was unfortunate timing, but it wasn't untimely.  I looked her up recently and was surprised to see that she was still alive, because she played such a large role in early Hollywood history.  She didn't play a very large role in my life; I only became interested in her a few years ago, and I think she had great style.  I have a picture of her and Humphrey Bogart on my computer, and she's wearing a skirt almost identical to this one.  I decided to dress up in my own version of that outfit, to pay tribute to someone I wish I could have met.