Cavallo Point

Cavallo Point: San Francisco, California

Tucked in a cove below the Golden Gate Bridge is a quiet cluster of white buildings with red roofs.  The buildings date back to the early 1900s, when they were used to house officers in the US Army.  The buildings are now a luxury hotel called Cavallo Point, but strolling around the well-preserved grounds makes you feel like you're seeing the city as someone from over a hundred years ago might have seen it - quiet, distant, just out of reach across the glittering waters of the Bay..

The colors are almost too vibrant to be real.  I didn't use Photoshop on any of these pictures; the grass is really that green.  Visiting San Francisco always makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood, because everything smells like eucalyptus, and fog always lingers at the tip of the mountains.

The last photo is my interpretation of Christina's World.

Target dress; Mossimo shoes; Dooney & Bourke bag

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