Jaipur Travel Journal

Jaipur, India


I spent my first day in India visiting a few beautiful places in Jaipur.  The first place I visited was one of my favorite places in India - it was once a royal residence at the edge of Jaipur, called Royal Gaitor.  Now there isn't very much to see, but the buildings are all fairly well-preserved, and there is a shrine dedicated to Shiva inside the walls.  Other than students drawing the buildings and a few monkeys, there is no one to disturb you, because it's off the beaten track. There were no other tourists there when I arrived.

After visiting the Royal Gaitor and grabbing lunch, my driver took me to an elephant park.  I was tired and jet-lagged, and didn't really enjoy the elephant ride that much.  Even though I only paid half the original amount that the elephant guide quoted, I still felt like he ripped me off, and since it was my first day in India, I didn't have the energy to argue with him.  If I were to go again (or recommend Jaipur to a friend), I would either recommend skipping the elephant park altogether, or going and being very firm about how much you're willing to pay.  The guide was a creepy man with sunken cheeks and bulging eyes, and his head kept wobbling as he argued with me about prices.  He claimed that he was 27, but he looked somewhere in his late-thirties, and I paid him just so he would leave me alone.