My Favorite Town in Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka


Kandy was my favorite town in Sri Lanka.  There was a lot of competition for that title, since Sri Lanka is generally filled with all the best kind of places: peaceful jungle villages, tea plantations, high mountain sweeps with views of the ocean, beachside resorts.  I think I loved Kandy the best because it reminds me of Switzerland, with the jungle pressing in around the edges.

I traveled there alone, a few days after my family departed.  I had a crazy run-in, however, when I went to visit the Buddha on top of the mountain.  I had spent some time with these European guys on the first part of my trip, several hours away, and I ended up running into one of them outside the temple.  We were able to hang out a bit before headed off with his sister.

The next day, I went to visit the old Dutch cemetery, which has the distinction of holding the last European killed by a wild elephant in Sri Lanka.  It was kind of an ironic visit, because it happened shortly after I myself was nearly killed by a wildish elephant.  Don't believe me?  Look at the pictures below!  I was trying to find the cemetery when I came across this furious elephant, chained up apart from the rest of the elephants.  She was swaying back and forth, and when she saw me, she picked up a stick, and I thought she was going to throw it at me.  We made eye contact for a long moment, and then she set down the stick and I walked away.

Very sad how animals are treated in Asian countries.