burch don't kill my vibe

 (tory burch heels, essie nail polish)

I almost never wear high heels.  I'm clumsy and I have trouble walking in a straight line, unless my toes and heels are on the same elevation level.  I also have the tendency to climb things and run sporadically - and let's face it, I always take the short cut, even if that means walking through a construction site.

Fancy shoes don't survive for very long in my world.

Still, I love this pair of heels.  They look like something you would wear on safari.  I can picture sitting in the back of a topless jeep, scanning the horizon for ivory hunters and ravenous lions.  Of course I would wear high heels in that kind of situation - it's not like you can outrun a lion, anyhow.  What would Beryl Markham do?

have you any tapestries?

I like to wear lots of contrasting textures and muted colors, and this summer I got interested in embroidered accessories.  I love wearing something that feels like it belongs on the wall of a medieval castle.  How art thou, strange knight?  Say hello to my jousting sword! 

The top photo shows a bag I picked up at a thrift store on Fairfax.  The second is a vintage box and a Victorian boy's toy car (impulse buy, yes; no regrets).  The third photo is an oversized wallet from a vintage shop in Highland Park.

And yes, the title is a quote from the third Indiana Jones movie.


 (Ralph Lauren jacket; United Colors of Benetton pants; Topshop cape; 
costume gloves, pipe, magnifying glass, hat)

Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional character, but for some reason, I've never dressed up as him for Halloween.  His costume is pretty straightforward: tweed coat and muted cape, fitted trousers and all the famous accessories.  

I had most of the wardrobe in my closet already - the jacket is vintage Ralph Lauren, which I had tailored to a more precise fit.  It's from some bygone equestrian trend, and runs a bit long for their jackets, which is part of the reason I love it.  I already had the pants; I wore them in a previous post.

Everything else I found in costume shops or online...with the exception of the toy dog, which was supposed to be the Hound of the Baskervilles.


(vintage sweater, bebe shorts)

This sweater is covered in enough sequins and jewels to stop a short range missile, and that's kind of why I love it.  How often do you see a single jeweled epaulet?  It reminds me of a sparkly sea anemone (from a different planet).

I don't wear a lot of baby blue, but I love the weight of this sweater.  Whenever I wear it, I feel like a prince on the way to a coronation.  Stacy and I took these photos around her neighborhood, which is filled with sleepy mansions and empty streets.  All the houses are decked out for Halloween, and since we didn't see another living soul, I felt like I was running around on a movie set.

Lately I've been enjoying the faded, unpolished photos that come out of our photo shoots, so I included a few of those as well.


 (forever 21 top; gypsy junkies tank c/o; vintage pants; vintage shoes)

High-waisted pants are often synonymous with aging sensibilities, but this pair was so elegant that I couldn't resist.  They look like something a fearsome movie maven would have worn to her film premiere in the early 1940s, critics be damned.  

I love the length; vintage pants almost never fit me.  The piping around the pockets is subtle, and the fit is so graceful that the fabric swishes wherever I walk (or climb).

sick day

I don't get sick very often, but when I do, it's bad.  Picture a prairie in Oklahoma, dotted with farmhouses, docile as can be.  A little wind ruffles the grass, and although everything is silent, you know trouble's coming.  Women run outside and fasten the storm shutters, preparing for the worst.  The children know what to do; they run downstairs and lock the hurricane door.  It's okay, they'll survive: they have enough pickled vegetables and tinned meat to last them the next three months.

Got the picture?

Today I felt that storm coming, and I locked myself inside.  Every time I feel a cold coming on, I juice an entire ginger root, squeeze two lemons into a cup with some honey, and then top it all off with boiling water.  It seems to do the trick, but when it doesn't, I barricade myself in my bedroom.  Today I finished Tobias Wolff's memoir, "This Boy's Life" (if I were going to give it a different name, it might be "It's All My Fault and I'm Sorry"), then reorganized my closet and watched The Incredibles.

fade to blue

(Vintage shirt; j.crew sweater; thrifted jeans; forever 21 boots)

I almost never wear jeans.  For a long time, denim wasn't really my style, and when I wear pants, I like a certain amount of flexibility.  A few months ago, I found this pair at a thrift store, and I've been wearing them so often that they're finally starting to feel worn in.

The cut and color are simple enough that I feel comfortable dressing them up for a night out, but also I don't feel bad if I throw on a t-shirt and then wear them to go rooting around in my friend's garden.

tarantulas on strike

Thomas F. Riley Park; Coto de Caza

Last weekend, my friend and I went to Orange County to find tarantulas.  In September and October, hundreds of male tarantulas leave the safety of their underground burrows and try to find a mate.  

This might sound strange, but I have a childhood memory of sitting in the middle of a vacant desert road, smiling while tarantulas crawled all over me.  Parental abuse aside (just kidding, guys), I thought it would be cool to recreate that picture as an adult.  Or at the very least, to hold a tarantula.  Just one.  You know, seeing one cross the path wouldn't be that bad, either - is that too much to ask?

We were out there for two hours, and we didn't see so much as a spiderweb.  We did, however, see a herd of deer peacefully grazing.  As the sun set over the golden hills and a breeze gently swayed the grass, I pictured a black wave spreading towards the deer, on hundreds of hairy black legs.  When the deer finally raised their eyes and realized what was happening, it would be too late; they would be surrounded by thousands of bloodthirsty tarantulas.  You see, the books got it wrong - October isn't tarantula mating season, it's just when they leave the ground and eat a bunch of deer.  

Cactus hull


Urban Outfitters tights I found while I was cleaning

A Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet
I'm not especially sentimental, but every once in a while, I find that my closet is overflowing with the ghosts of hobbies past.  I tend to buy things and then never wear them, because I wear a variation of the same outfit every day.  God knows why I feel the need to buy Native American inspired Target garb, or something that might suit a Midwestern grandmother rediscovering her sexuality.

Sorry for that mental image.

Some day, I will move to a little mountain village in Switzerland, throw away everything I own, and start over.  In the meantime, I like to purge out my closet, try on everything I own, and throw away the things I don't actually need.

I came up with some helpful tips to getting rid of stuff you don't need.  Have fun!

1. Limit your storage options
Pretty self-explanatory.  I used to have two dressers (in addition to a spacious walk-in closet), but I realized that I used one of the dressers to hold stuff I didn't wear.  As soon as I realized it, I threw everything away, and then gave the dresser to a friend.  If you have tons of plastic boxes, you'll be tempted to fill them with junk you don't need.

2. Live in the present
I'm guilty of doing this all the freakin' time.  I have a lot of clothing that would look SUPER CUTE if I went on safari, and wanted to climb a baobab tree, or pet a rhinoceros.  I also have a dress that would be awesome if I ever got nominated for an Oscar...do you see what I'm saying?  Don't keep stuff because you might someday go to an event that merits its existence.  Don't do it!  If you haven't worn something in six months (or whenever the seasons change where you live), chances are, you won't.

3. Know your taste
Pretty simple.  I know that I wear the same ten items of clothing on a weekly basis, so everything else is extraneous fluff.  Granted, it's really fun, sparkly, adorable extraneous fluff, but I wouldn't die if I had to live without it.

4. Consolidate
I used to have a stack of food magazines taking up space in the kitchen.  I finally bought a binder and a hole punch, set aside a few hours, and went through the magazines.  I tore out all the recipes I wanted to make, then put them in the binder.  This rule works for a lot of hobbies - what can you combine to free up more space?

5. Trial separation
I might seem heartless when it comes to old clothing, but I have a lot of trouble getting rid of things that have sentimental value.  Six months ago, my closet was close to bursting, and so I bought some storage boxes and put away everything that was either fall or winter related.  Since it rained yesterday, I opened up the boxes to take out my fall wardrobe.  Guess what?  I threw almost everything away.  When I opened up the boxes, my first thought was "Oh, great, I have to deal with this crap again." If that's the way you feel, it's obviously time for a change.  Sometimes it's difficult to get rid of something, so it's better to just set it aside, and see if you miss it.  If you do, great!  Back in the closet it goes.  If you don't, some lucky thrifter will snap it up at Goodwill.

6. Pretend you're shopping
The biggest reason people hold on to junk is because they're sentimental.  I find that the easiest way to clean out a drawer is to dump everything on the bed, and pretend that I'm shopping.  I like to pretend that I've never my clothes before, and I'm browsing through a department store, deciding what to buy.  Would I buy this particular sweater?  It's cute, but is it my style?  Where would I wear it?  If I'm completely honest, I probably wouldn't buy the same things even a year later.  People are dynamic, they change, their tastes evolve.  Give yourself the freedom to change by getting rid of things you don't need.

7. Watch an adventure film
Whenever I leave town for a long period of time, I watch "Catch Me If You Can."  It's a movie all about leaving everything behind to have exhilarating adventures.  Granted, the main character is a pathological liar, but still.  He has so much fun!  I also like to listen to music that reminds me of trips I've been on because to me, traveling and collecting junk are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

7. Let the right one in
My dad is my biggest style inspiration, and he knew his taste better than anyone I've ever met.  Since he knew what he liked, his closet was streamlined, and he didn't own anything that he didn't need.  We used to compare notes when we cleaned out our closets.  He had a really good philosophy when it came to getting rid of things: "Take everything out first - it has to ask permission to come back in."

That way, you don't have to deliberate over everything you pull out of the closet.  Pretend you're shopping, be honest with yourself, know your taste.  And sooner than you know, you'll have an immaculate living space!


(American Apparel shirt dress; Eva Franco coat; Forever 21 leggings; Forever 21 boots)

When I was in college, there was a student who came to class dressed in the same thing, every single day.  Black pants, black wife beater, tennis shoes.  Every. Single. Day.  At first, it seemed like a joke: he was trying to stand out, get people to question his judgment.  It took me a while to catch on to the fact that he had consciously made the decision to eliminate everything else from his wardrobe.  

In an ideal world, I would be that student.  Whenever I go on a trip, I pack three or four outfits, just enough to stuff into a carryon bag.  I don't really mind wearing the same clothes several days in a row, especially if I'm going on adventures.  It's kind of a disappointment if I come home without stained, dirty clothing as evidence of all the crazy shenanigans I got into.

With that said, sartorial decisions can be a little bit more difficult on a daily basis.  And that's why, whenever I find something that really fits my style, I wear it religiously, until mice start camping out in the pockets, moths chew away at the fabric, and someone mistakes me for homeless.  

And there you have it!  When I found this Eva Franco coat, I instantly recognized that I would have to add it to my three day rotation.  I've had the American Apparel dress for a few years (I bought it in Palo Alto while I was unfortunately wearing an identical version in gray), but it was well made, and hasn't started to unravel.

For some reason the lighting is unbalanced in these photos, but I really like the way they look, and decided to try something a little bit different.  They're so much more interesting to me than the ones that are perfectly styled, and I hope you enjoy them.

indian summer

(j.crew shirt; abercrombie & fitch sweater; united colors of benetton pants; 
express shoes; gap socks)

Stacy knows me better than most of my friends, which is one reason she’s such a great photographer.  I don’t feel self conscious around her, and she’s good at catching every pose, every smile, every hesitation.  

For this particular shoot, I chose the pictures that I felt best represent our relationship.  This blog has helped us become closer over the years, and although other friends have taken wardrobe shots for my blog, Stacy is the person I trust the most to capture my style.  Since we have done so many photo shoots together, I’ve become aware of the faces I make between poses, and although they normally wind up buried in the archives, I thought I would give you a glimpse into what one of our photo shoots really looks like.

No filters, minimal makeup, ninety-five degrees in Los Angeles.  Enjoy.

my room

I have always loved interior design, and when we were kids, my dad would encourage us to design our dream bedrooms.

"Pretend you have all the money in  the world," he would say.  "You can do anything.  Draw."

He had a subscription to "Architectural Digest," and I used to spend hours poring over the back issues.  When I was thirteen, my parents let me move out of my childhood room, and into the guest bedroom.  It had a balcony and a spacious closet, but more importantly, it was a real bedroom.  I finally had enough space to explore my creative side, to let loose my interior design demons, to show the world what I could do!  So what was my first step?

I threw everything away.

I don't like cluttered spaces, and in my dream world, I would be able to move through a series of hotel rooms and never stay long enough to grow bored with my surroundings.  That's not to say that I don't crave the familiar; there are certain things that I have that remind me of trips and people that are important to me.

Moving has played an important - painful, exciting - role in my life.  When I was young, we traveled so often that SFO International felt like home.  Canned airspace was a familiar comfort, and the midnight tilt through the atmosphere lulled me to sleep every time.  It's hard for me to set down roots, but I'm in love with Los Angeles, and I plan to be here for a while.  It doesn't hurt that I live fifteen minutes from LAX.

The closet:

Before & after painting my walls...

My closet is my favorite part of the room, and it took me the longest to decorate.  I had to tear apart three books and put up each page, one at a time.  Ugh.  Still, it's worth it, and it's nice to have a shelf where I can display things that people have given me - dinosaurs, an old camera, a cigar box, a genuine Panama hat.  Those masks are from one of the best nights of my life, thanks to a friend in New York.  And I don't want to sound too bohemian, but I did take that backpack on a three week trip through Europe in college...

It's been a great year, and it's nice to have somewhere to call my own.  I'll probably paint the walls again in a few months, maybe pale blue, with a few slashes of dark red throughout the room.  I love juxtaposition.


Sorry I have been gone for so long - there were some huge writing projects that demanded a lot of my time during the last few months.  I wrote my first feature film - hooray! - and then I started a travel blog.

In other words, I must bid you adieu...

But it's not goodbye forever.  I'm moving to a new blog, which is really very exciting, because it combines my two passions: travel and writing.  I've already received some very kind comments from random strangers.  What's better than that?

In other news, I got my tailored shirt in the mail, and I can finally show you what it looks like.  To be honest, I got it quite a few months ago, and I'm only posting pictures now as a way to bribe you to come visit my new blog.  I mean, it's kind of travel-themed, right?  Nautical creatures?

Here's a sneak peak of my new shirt.  If you want to see the rest, come visit me at my new blog!

exit music

thrifted jacket/ tie from a friend/ j.crew shirt/ j.brand pants/vintage boots

I have been wanting to come to this magical place ever since my friend sarah told me about it.  it's the old griffith park zoo, and it's like a creepy movie castle - dark walls and narrow stairs, gold writing on the bricks, dirty words, broken glass.

it's tucked away in the park, beneath canyon walls and scrub brush, and you might not come upon it unless you knew where to look.  the cages and pens are so small you wonder how animals lived in them, but the zoo has been out of use for decades, and now the only people who wander here usually don't want to be seen.  

you can hear the faint cries of children in the distance.  creepy, right?

by the way, those ARE mermaids on my tie, and angela and I growled and made animal noises whenever someone walked past us.  angela was dressed up like a polar bear (hehe) and she gave me dating advice between poses.

thanks angela!

raw nights

and it turns out three cups of coffee is a bad thing.  I'm, um, sitting wide awake at my desk and it's midnight and I'm listening to barcarolle's operas on repeat. I've started noticing that lately when I'm writing i'll skip a letter or a word sometimes, and since I always start drafts handwritten I have to squeeze the letters/words in later.  is this a sign of something?

alright alright alright I have to get up in three hours but I'm going to take a pause from writing and keep watching this movie DOGTOOTH. it's about this family who lives in a mansion in the middle of nowhere in greece and they make home videos and learn the wrong words for things and memorize their home videos.


miss you


hey everyone.  sorry I have been gone and not writing anything for over a MONTH but life has been super hectic recently. 
to give you a quick recap...

I started working at a production company last month, which means even when I'm not at the office I'm living eating breathing scripts.  there are 9 of us at the studio - it was founded by two ex-ceos and a v.p. from another production company.  
it's awesome that I get to work around people who care so much about film, because that's really what I want to do.  the downside is that I have no life.  none. zip!
hopefully I will get to start working on some of my own projects soon.  we'll see.  and more blog posts to come this week!

take my clothes!

it’s no secret I have too many clothes. I’m like one of those women who tells everyone she loves to cook, but then you visit her apartment and her microwave and oven and even her cabinets are full of clothing, and when you find her in her bedroom she’s curled up on her knees, rocking back and forth and clutching an item of clothing she never wears, sobbing something inarticulate about paris in the 1970s.

okaaaay I’m not that bad.  I do have a few things I never wear, and a few things that I have multiples of.  there are a few things in my closet that cost roughly the price of a plane ticket to new york, and I see them and wonder what they’re doing in my closet, and what I’m doing in california.

alright, enough foreplay.  what I’m trying to say is that I opened a store where you can buy my clothes. everything is pretty.  almost everything has been worn less than 5 times (unless it’s vintage).  visit it HERE.

you're a mean one

I grew up in mill valley and now I live in los angeles.  my parents moved up to the california wilderness last year, and so there's really no excuse for me to visit mill valley anymore.  my two best friends from home (sasha and natalie) have both moved away to brighter cities - in sash's case, a brighter country - and I miss going up to the bay.

 but I got my chance this weekend!

we spent the weekend in san francisco.  I mentioned in an earlier post that all of my dad's shirts are tailored.  on friday, my dad took my brother and me to britex, a fabric store where christian louboutin and anna sui shop.  he told us to pick any fabric we wanted, and then we would get our measurements to have shirts made.  britex is four stories tall and full of beautiful fabric.  
how do you choose just one?
my brother had a rather easy time of it.  I knew I wanted something with lobsters because I'm strange.  charmin, the buyer and heiress of britex, escorted me around the story, showing me various fabrics and explaining where they came from. there were fabrics with sailboats, paper doll cut-outs, monopoly pieces, french lettering, candy, spoons, basically anything you can imagine. the fabric I finally chose is something I fell in love with immediately - it reminds me of jules verne and biology books from the 1800s and taschen.  I can't wait to see it become a shirt.

after we went to britex, we went down the street to seymour's, which is my dad's tailor.  it's in a thin building with illuminated marble in the lobby, wide elevators and narrow doors.  I got to choose everything about the shirt, from the amount of buttons to pockets, and even the collar. the shirt will be ready in a few weeks, and I'll post photos!

thanks lulu

what better way to start a week than with 
a) a cold 
b)sweet words from one of your favorite bloggers (lulu and your mom) saying she likes your blog and she is sending you a sweater from sachin + babi?
I’m sure all of y’all know lulu because she’s super famous but if you have been living under a rock and you DON’T, what you should know is that she’s very brave and well-spoken.  I like her blog because I guess I want people to be more honest, you don’t find that in fashion blogs very often, sometimes I talk about how I get scared or anxious and I’m still trying to figure things out.  

one track mind

vintage coat/ vintage dress/ coach belt/ kimchi blue shoes/ nordstrom's sunglasses

ay.  angela and I went to l.a.’s warehouse district on friday and wandered around and blinked against the bright sun.  the warehouses are like individual planets.  you can look through painted glass windows and see bare rooms, sheepskin rugs, broken lights, stages, china cups, faces.  

most of the warehouses have brick walls with chipped, rust-colored paint. some are covered in sprawling murals, paintings that climb from one building to the next and then simply...vanish.

the streets are empty. can't you just see two outlaws drawing their guns and taking aim?  as I've said, as I've said, I like the old west.  visit angela's blog here.