on sunday I went to san francisco with my parents.
we went to sfmoma to see the picasso/matisse exhibit.

I finished reading "the blind assassin" on the train.
l.a. confidential is coming in the mail.
I got a vintage lacoste cardigan.
it was a good week.
this is my dad.

shirt: tailored
sweater: h&m france

my dad buys fabric from britex. it's a ritzy fabric store in a brick building on geary street.  

he has the fabric tailored into beautiful shirts, and wherever we go people stop him to tell him how amazing he looks.  it's kind of depressing when you can't compete with your dad's sense of style.
he has at least two dozen shirts like this.
I got the sweater in france.  I gave it to him when I flew home for christmas.
* * *
I shouldn't be writing this post. I should be finishing my screenplay because there's a competition (deadline:midnight) and I still have 30 more pages left to go. 

I have been listening to the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack all day and I really want to go to disneyland.