honey, be good

every time I go home, I like to help my mom tend to her beehives.  I grew up with bees, and I'm a little bit weird: I think bees are adorable.  they're like these cute, fuzzy, miniature cats that go around grumbling all the time.  

I've been stung a few times, but supposedly getting stung is good for your circulation.  every time a bee stings you it dies, because the stinger is connected to its organs.  a bee essentially commits suicide in order to sting you.  bees are loyal creatures.

I stole my boyfriend's jeans/belt to help my mom:

if you ever go to the ferry building in san francisco, stop by the honey stand and ask for a sample of capay valley honey.  it's my mom's honey!

my friend: you make honey, huh? that's pretty cool.
me: well, I don't make it.  the bees make it.
my friend: oh. you just supervise.