mexican castles

I got a second job a few weeks ago. yesterday I learned that I've been calling my new manager laura, and her name is actually erin. the weird thing is that she responds to laura thirty percent of the time.

yesterday stacy and I got to go on an adventure.  there's this abandoned building a few blocks up from the beach.  I have no idea what it used to be - the architecture looks like if dr. seuss designed a church.  the walls are covered in shiny pieces of abalone, and there's a random pyramid in the middle of the lawn. it's surrounded by suburbs and little houses.

I painted my nails in honor of bastille day. I'm so pretentious I scare myself sometimes.

somehow my pant zippers break really easily.  last year almost every pair of pants I owned had a broken zipper, and I kind of got used to it.  I left the zipper on my shorts open because I kind of like the look - is that weird? it's not like you can see anything.

shirt: ralph lauren
mexican vest: thrifted
boots: urban outfitters
shorts: no boundaries
(which is kind of funny)

I stole my mom's virgin de la guadalupe earrings. they're recycled soda bottle caps with miniature paintings on the inside.  I get compliments from the strangest people when I wear them - last time I wore them I got stopped in safeway by this guy who had six different virgin mary tattoos.