antelope short stories

[chinese laundry sandals]

it's been a pretty awesome/crazy month.  I moved down to l.a. at the end of september, and I had just enough money to pay rent and buy pasta and be super broke, so I've been spending $5 a day and being antisocial. but I'm super happy! and I just started work at olive garden.

sometimes I feel like I'm living a double life. on one hand, I'm meeting all these elegant, lovely people who fill their lives with jazz and motorcycles and expensive trips.  I wear these thrift store dresses and the chanel my dad gave me and remember what it was like to not be broke.  and I still don't have furniture. 

anyway, I have this gorgeous friend who just so happens to be a soccer scout from brazil, and he invited me to the playboy mansion last night for a party celebrating excellence in sports.  you know, tons of athletic men in tuxedos, strolling around the playboy mansion, drinking expensive champagne.
and I had to work at olive garden.
serving breadsticks.