be good

j. crew ecole jacket/ ralph lauren shirt/ inherited pearls/ j. brand jeans/ banana republic headband/ dooney & bourke bag

I'm a lucky girl.  angela took me to bottega louie for brunch yesterday, and we wandered around staring at everything beautiful for a good twenty minutes.  that was a lie.  I was the one who did all the wandering - angela is well-acquainted with bottega and does not need to ogle.
I must tell you a story. 
midway through our ahi tuna ni├žoise, there was a terrific crash. we turned to see what the commotion was, and this very chic woman was assaulting a man in an expensive suit.  she threw a tray of food at him, and as he tried to placate her, she wandered through the cafe, knocking things off of people's tables.  it was really quite liberating, even to watch.  
the police arrived on bicycles.