are you in love?

are you...
a. in a relationship?
b. living in seoul, tokyo, india, paris, london, n.y., or south america?
c. interested in being featured in self china magazine?

yeah, you are!

here’s the deal: I’m writing a feature for self china, and I need one couple from each city.  self china wants to hear international love stories from people just like you! we're not looking for anyone famous for this story, and you don't need to be a model. 

if you are interested in participating, please leave me a comment below (or email me!) with a few details about yourself and your relationship, as well as a link to your blog.  you can be any age, any sexual orientation, any ethnicity.  if we choose you, we’ll set up a photo shoot with you in your city, and you’ll get to be in self china!  

we're looking for people JUST LIKE YOU.  the deadline is approaching, so don't hesitate!

love, jill