let's get restless

angela and I have the best adventures.  a week or so ago (okay it’s been a while but I had a minor catastrophe) we met up at union station in downtown l.a.  if you haven’t seen union station, please feel free to stalk stalk stalk.
union station is full of glass lights and square chairs and things generally full of art deco brilliance.  I felt like faye dunaway in chinatown.  tho to be fair, if I were going to dress up in 1940s gangster garb I would generally opt for jack nicholson and cut my nose. has everyone seen this? no? I just sound crazy?

nordstrom's sunglasses/ ella moss dress/ vintage stole/ steve madden shoes/ necklace from afghanistan/dooney&bourke bag/vintage tweed coat

I like things that aren’t quite perfect and a little bit blurry and maybe too hazy for some people.  I’m writing this on the latter end of a caffeine high, okay? my hands are shaking.  what you can’t see in these photos is that security was very friendly to us, and let us step into a restricted section of the station reserved for movie shoots to take pictures.  I don’t have those pictures; my camera died.  that was it.  the minor catastrophe.  in case you were wondering.
to see the rest of the pictures, visit angela’s blog here.