take my clothes!

it’s no secret I have too many clothes. I’m like one of those women who tells everyone she loves to cook, but then you visit her apartment and her microwave and oven and even her cabinets are full of clothing, and when you find her in her bedroom she’s curled up on her knees, rocking back and forth and clutching an item of clothing she never wears, sobbing something inarticulate about paris in the 1970s.

okaaaay I’m not that bad.  I do have a few things I never wear, and a few things that I have multiples of.  there are a few things in my closet that cost roughly the price of a plane ticket to new york, and I see them and wonder what they’re doing in my closet, and what I’m doing in california.

alright, enough foreplay.  what I’m trying to say is that I opened a store where you can buy my clothes. everything is pretty.  almost everything has been worn less than 5 times (unless it’s vintage).  visit it HERE.