exit music

thrifted jacket/ tie from a friend/ j.crew shirt/ j.brand pants/vintage boots

I have been wanting to come to this magical place ever since my friend sarah told me about it.  it's the old griffith park zoo, and it's like a creepy movie castle - dark walls and narrow stairs, gold writing on the bricks, dirty words, broken glass.

it's tucked away in the park, beneath canyon walls and scrub brush, and you might not come upon it unless you knew where to look.  the cages and pens are so small you wonder how animals lived in them, but the zoo has been out of use for decades, and now the only people who wander here usually don't want to be seen.  

you can hear the faint cries of children in the distance.  creepy, right?

by the way, those ARE mermaids on my tie, and angela and I growled and made animal noises whenever someone walked past us.  angela was dressed up like a polar bear (hehe) and she gave me dating advice between poses.

thanks angela!