Sorry I have been gone for so long - there were some huge writing projects that demanded a lot of my time during the last few months.  I wrote my first feature film - hooray! - and then I started a travel blog.

In other words, I must bid you adieu...

But it's not goodbye forever.  I'm moving to a new blog, which is really very exciting, because it combines my two passions: travel and writing.  I've already received some very kind comments from random strangers.  What's better than that?

In other news, I got my tailored shirt in the mail, and I can finally show you what it looks like.  To be honest, I got it quite a few months ago, and I'm only posting pictures now as a way to bribe you to come visit my new blog.  I mean, it's kind of travel-themed, right?  Nautical creatures?

Here's a sneak peak of my new shirt.  If you want to see the rest, come visit me at my new blog!