my room

I have always loved interior design, and when we were kids, my dad would encourage us to design our dream bedrooms.

"Pretend you have all the money in  the world," he would say.  "You can do anything.  Draw."

He had a subscription to "Architectural Digest," and I used to spend hours poring over the back issues.  When I was thirteen, my parents let me move out of my childhood room, and into the guest bedroom.  It had a balcony and a spacious closet, but more importantly, it was a real bedroom.  I finally had enough space to explore my creative side, to let loose my interior design demons, to show the world what I could do!  So what was my first step?

I threw everything away.

I don't like cluttered spaces, and in my dream world, I would be able to move through a series of hotel rooms and never stay long enough to grow bored with my surroundings.  That's not to say that I don't crave the familiar; there are certain things that I have that remind me of trips and people that are important to me.

Moving has played an important - painful, exciting - role in my life.  When I was young, we traveled so often that SFO International felt like home.  Canned airspace was a familiar comfort, and the midnight tilt through the atmosphere lulled me to sleep every time.  It's hard for me to set down roots, but I'm in love with Los Angeles, and I plan to be here for a while.  It doesn't hurt that I live fifteen minutes from LAX.

The closet:

Before & after painting my walls...

My closet is my favorite part of the room, and it took me the longest to decorate.  I had to tear apart three books and put up each page, one at a time.  Ugh.  Still, it's worth it, and it's nice to have a shelf where I can display things that people have given me - dinosaurs, an old camera, a cigar box, a genuine Panama hat.  Those masks are from one of the best nights of my life, thanks to a friend in New York.  And I don't want to sound too bohemian, but I did take that backpack on a three week trip through Europe in college...

It's been a great year, and it's nice to have somewhere to call my own.  I'll probably paint the walls again in a few months, maybe pale blue, with a few slashes of dark red throughout the room.  I love juxtaposition.