indian summer

(j.crew shirt; abercrombie & fitch sweater; united colors of benetton pants; 
express shoes; gap socks)

Stacy knows me better than most of my friends, which is one reason she’s such a great photographer.  I don’t feel self conscious around her, and she’s good at catching every pose, every smile, every hesitation.  

For this particular shoot, I chose the pictures that I felt best represent our relationship.  This blog has helped us become closer over the years, and although other friends have taken wardrobe shots for my blog, Stacy is the person I trust the most to capture my style.  Since we have done so many photo shoots together, I’ve become aware of the faces I make between poses, and although they normally wind up buried in the archives, I thought I would give you a glimpse into what one of our photo shoots really looks like.

No filters, minimal makeup, ninety-five degrees in Los Angeles.  Enjoy.