burch don't kill my vibe

 (tory burch heels, essie nail polish)

I almost never wear high heels.  I'm clumsy and I have trouble walking in a straight line, unless my toes and heels are on the same elevation level.  I also have the tendency to climb things and run sporadically - and let's face it, I always take the short cut, even if that means walking through a construction site.

Fancy shoes don't survive for very long in my world.

Still, I love this pair of heels.  They look like something you would wear on safari.  I can picture sitting in the back of a topless jeep, scanning the horizon for ivory hunters and ravenous lions.  Of course I would wear high heels in that kind of situation - it's not like you can outrun a lion, anyhow.  What would Beryl Markham do?